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TI BAII Plus. Tutorials . Lump Sums;. BAII Plus Tutorial Part II.. The present value is the cost of the investment,. ... TI BAII Plus financial calculator to solve time value of money problems involving uneven cash flows. This tutorial also shows how to calculate net present value. Finance Calculator Texas Instruments BA II +. Once all the factors are present,. At a discount rate of 28.9% the net present value of the cash flows will. Net present value and the internal rate of return are two. Using the Texas Instruments' BAII Plus Professional. The BA II displays 2 decimal. Time-Value-of-Money (TVM) calculations; Amortization schedules; Cash-flow analysis, Net Present Value. capabilities of the BA II Plus™ financial calculator,. : Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator : Office Products. When you are looking to quickly calculate future value, annuities,. View and Download TI BA II PLUS user manual online. TI BA II. BA II PLUS; User manual; TI BA II PLUS User Manual.. the residual value plus the present value of. The BA II PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL, created by Texas Instruments,. Calculating the present value of an annuity and annuity due: opens video player dialog: 21144: The net present value function on the BA II Plus calculates the present value of a stream of cash flows that. (NPV) With the BA II Plus Financial Calculator.. The BA II PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL,. computes Net Present Value. Animated tutorial movies developed by Atomic Learning™ and TI offer step-by-step instructions. Buy Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Calculator at Walmart. N= Term I/Y = Interest/ Yield PV = Present Value PMT = Payment. A. Below are the instructions from. : Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator :. If we can't fix it, we will issue you an Amazon Gift Card for full replacement value;